‘The Dog & Wolf’ represents a more complicated winemaking style.  It is made in tiny quantities and is inspired by its name.

The name comes from the French expression, ‘entre chien et loup’.  Translated this is ‘between dog and wolf’.  It is used to describe a specific time of day, just before night, when the light is so dim you can’t distinguish a dog from a wolf.  It expresses that limit between the familiar, the comfortable versus the unknown and the dangerous, between domestic and wild.  It is an uncertain threshold between hope and fear.  This wine is produced with all these elements in mind; it is a blend of two vastly different winemaking styles.

‘The dog’ component is essentially a little more conventional and directed.  It features the fundamental components of the house style.  It has a whole bunch backbone, 40% inclusion, lightly worked during fermentation, pressed well before dry, fermentation completed in barrel. 

 ‘The wolf’ component is wild, untamed, uncontrolled, and a true expression of the vineyard without intervention.  In a form of carbonic maceration, 100% whole clusters we fermented in sealed French oak puncheons, and left on skins for an extended period

These wines were matured side by side on full lees for 10 months in French Oak, 25% new, with some lees work late.  This wine was racked from barrel to blend, prior to bottling unfined and unfiltered.  In 2016, whole bunch inclusion for this wine is 50%. 

Release date 1st June 2017-Available for pre-order now

‘The dog & wolf’ is only produced in vintages where quality meets our aspirations.