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ZIGGURAT 17 Nouveau Pinot Noir


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  • Ziggurat spring wines are produced with a simple philosophy in mind.  They are adventurous in winemaking style, creative and unique each year, but above all, they are fresh and textural.

In 2017, an opportunity to experiment with white grape skins, or cofermentation didn’t present. This was apparent early in the season, so my thoughts moved towards honing in on a style of winemaking I use frequently, but still attempting to master-carbonic maceration.

Chasing a style reminiscent of quality Beaujolais, I eyed off the bottom part of one of my patches of Pinot, in Relbia, which had variation I thought would suit the style.

10 days of traditional carbonic maceration, untouched, then opened up and whole bunch pressed, this wine hit old oak at 4 Baume and then rolled through naturally.

The wine sat on lees for another 3 months before clean racking, then bottling without fining or filtration.

*very limited, so don’t hesitate.

Out of stock

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